I am finally catching up a bit on tasks and just realized (after a reminder from our web service) that we have not posted a training schedule in awhile.  It was NOT an oversight, but we have not had an open course since April!  Since our last training schedule, we have conducted: Tactical Pistol, Recondo II, Explosive Handlers (twice), Tactical Shotgun, Surveillance Detection (3 day), etc., but we were unable to offer up any class seats or they were “closed” courses!  That is good from our point of view, but I should have let everyone know vs. not posting anything, causing everyone to call me wondering “whats up?”  Well, June is not much better…we had a Man-Tracking course setup for this weekend, but we are cancelling due to the floods (our breaching range is under 2 feet of water, the range and event area are only covered in a couple inches, but DEFINITELY not good for the tracking skills required (yes, we can still track through water, but not a good training environment!).  The remainder of June is dedicated to CLOSED classes, so we will be “leaning forward in the foxhole” to get some classes scheduled and posted for July.

Just a quick heads-up:  August 18-19, retired US Army Special Forces Master Sniper Andy Butler will be conducting a 2 day ‘Precision Rifle’ course for us up at the Dubois Gun Club.  Andy is one of the finest military snipers in the world and we are lucky to have him come out and support us.  All proceeds from his class will be going to our charity during the 7th annual Rocking the Winds Foundation Charity Event 18-21 Aug 2017,  We have not advertised this special course as of yet, but he can take a max of 10 students, and we already have 6 signed up in advance!  If you are interested, the cost is $250 a person and you will need to contact me ASAP to get a seat reserved…only 4 seats remain, and I know they will go quick once the word gets out!

I will get the July training schedule posted in a couple weeks!  Thank you and keep training!  Brian

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