We are full-bore into our party prep for Rocking the Winds, but we wanted to get out a quick reminder for the upcoming Long Gun course…

August 18-19, retired US Army Special Forces Master Sniper Andy Butler will be conducting a 2 day ‘Precision Rifle’ course for us up at the Dubois Gun Club.  Andy is one of the finest military snipers in the world and we are lucky to have him come out and support us.  All proceeds from his class will be going to our charity during the 7th annual Rocking the Winds Foundation Charity Event 18-21 Aug 2017. He can take a max of 10 students, and we already have 6 signed up in advance!  If you are interested, the cost is $250 a person and you will need to contact me ASAP to get a seat reserved…only 4 seats remain, and I know they will go quick once the word gets out!

We are heading to Gannett Peak this thursday with a handful of combat wounded vets and some active duty SEAL Team members.  Just received an update from NOAA that “heavy snowfall” is forecasted for the Winds 13-18 August…cant wait!

Our Rocking the WInds event is scheduled 18-21 August this year, and it should be a good one!  In keeping with our typical military appreciation flavor, we will be conducting tandem parachute jumps on the 20th, so for those of you who have a burning desire to fall from a perfectly good airplane, we have you covered.  We are anticipating only 18 jumps, so please let me know ASAP if interested and we can get you pre-booked.  Cost is $199 and includes a video (proceeds go to our charity, so jump MANY TIMES!).  We will also be raffling off 2 tandem jumps that will occur during the eclipse…as the sun disappears, our lucky winners will exit the aircraft and enjoy the Great American Eclipse from a parachute harness 13,000′ above the ground…once in a lifetime opportunity!

I have been asked when we are going to get back to our normal training schedule;  answer:  After our event is completed and we clean up/wind down.

There will be a huge influx of people in our area over the next couple weeks.  Stay vigilant and safe.


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