Shooting Sports - Competitions and Personal Firearms Qualification Programs

TTI firmly beleives that if you are a firearms owner, you must be responsible, trained and skilled in its use. Just because you own a pistol, carbine, long gun or shotgun does not assure your safety or skills with the particular weapon system. We not only offer basic and advanced tactical training to provide you with the knowledge, experience and skills for proper use of these types of firearms, but we also provide various venues that will ensure that those skills that you have worked hard to achieve do not perish or degrade.

Our Shooting Sports programs will keep your skills sharp through various competitions and personal firearms qualifications. Proficiency is directly linked to recency and proper skills practice…Yes, shooting is a perishable skill!

The primary tactical/defensive pistol skills program falls within two seperate venues:

1. International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) competitions

2. Winchester/NRA Marskmanship Qualification Program

For Carbine, Long Gun and Tactical Shotgun, our skills program also falls within two seperate venues:

1. TTI Special/Scenario based, competitions

2. Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Please review the specific programs that are described in the following tabs. For additional information, dates of shoots, rules, required equipment or general questions, please contact Brian. Email: or call (307) 486-2336.